To B.E. or not to B.E., what was the question?


Blood elves, or Sindorei, whether you love them or hate them they are everywhere. They became a playable race in the Burning Crusade with outrage from some players, both horde and alliance, who felt they were too pretty to be a horde race. Personally I think the females look like an anorexic  Anne Robinson and the males like they belong in a 1970’s glam rock band.

I tend to play Alliance, with no horde character above level 10 with the exception of a DK, but if I were to level one it would more than likely be a blood elf. I dislike most horde races, I find them aesthetically unattractive with orcs and tauren being too large for my taste, and of all the horde races I just prefer the looks and animations of belfs.


Why should you play a belf?

Well their lore is rich and interesting. Their charismatic leader Kael’thas Sunstrider, (who I must admit I had a bit of a geeky crush on after seeing him in Magisters Terrace for the first time though he wasn’t quite as hot as  Selin Fireheart), was a senior member of the Kirin Tor and a prince of Qael’Thalas, the last of the Sunstrider dynasty. He led what was left of his people to serve the Alliance after the Fall of Quel’Thalas. Ruthlessly trying to conciliate his people’s magic addiction, he later secretly formed an alliance with Illidan Stormrage and the Burning Legion. When this allegiance was revealed he was branded a traitor. Kael’thas plans to summon Kil’jaeden the Deceiver through the Sunwell , were thwarted by the Shattered Sun Offensive and their forces in Magisters’ Terrace.

Belfs also have pretty decent racial traits:

  • Arcane torrent (2 minute cooldown) – silences all enemies for 2 seconds within 8 yards and restores 2% of your mana, 15 energy/focus/rage/runic power . Additionally, non-player targets spellcasting is interrupted for 3 seconds.
  • Arcane Affinity (passive) – enchanting skill increased by 10, raising the cap by 10 at each level of enchanting.
  • Arcane Resistance (passive) – reduces arcane damage taken by 1%.

Those Emotes.

Belfs are extremely vain, and their emotes reflect this, as well as being a little risqué. Female emotes are things such as:

“Do you believe in love at first sight .. or should I walk by again?”

“D’you think the expansion will make me fat?”

“Is that a mana wyrm in your pocket, or you just happy to see me?”

“So you mean I’m stuck with this hair color?”

Some of the male emotes are even vainer though I prefer them to the female emotes, and they are some of my favourite in game:

“You look almost as good as I do …”

“Hey, why don’t you come over here and .. hey, WATCH THE HAIR!”

“You know what I love about your eyes, when I look deep enough, I can see my own reflection.”

“Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”

It is a common joke that there are no male blood elves, just different versions of the female.  The males were originally of a slimmer design, but were buffed up after many complaints from players on the ptr.

The blood elf mount, the Hawkstrider, was originally called a cockatrice but Blizzard changed the name before The Burning Crusade was released, I assume to avoid any double entendres as the game is PEGI 12. Alliance players can get a Swift White Hawkstrider from Kael’thas in Magisters Terrace.


According to census, blood elves account for 14% of all players, with only humans ahead of them in popularity at 19%. Yet they are often called the most hated race. Possibly because when first released, blood elves were seen as mostly played by immature kids who were overjoyed with the Horde finally getting a good looking, pretty race. It also may be a general dislike of elves as they appear in practically every fantasy game, with 2 elf races in world of Warcraft. Blood elves are also seen as racist, snooty and very shallow.

With the next expansion, or the one after next, being allegedly based around the return of the Burning Legion, it’s possible that we shall see a return of Kael’thas.

So, why do you play a belf?

blood elfchild

© Julie E Lowes 2013