Warlords and guild stuff.

Well Warlords of Draenor has been out for around 9-10 months now.

We have Hellfire Citadel raid which is THE final tier raid of this expansion.


So we have had 3 raids – Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, and Hellfire Citadel.

Our guild has really struggled. Not because we don’t have good players because we do. We just don’t have enough of them and enough of them who sign and show up week in week out. We always have to pug some players, though as an officer I try my damnedest to recruit.

Thing is tho, with new members or pugs, it’s like starting again from scratch. To do well you need a group of players who know each other, who are used to playing together and who have and will continue to work together to get stuff killed.

It’s almost depressing. In Cata we were pretty high up there, in MoP we were 3rd for progress until halfway through ToT when we lost several great people who just quit the game. We were actually one of the very few guilds who cleared HoF before going into ToES, most just took someone who had done it as you had to clear one before moving onto the next. We cleared it *proud shrug*

In WoD, while we have many active players, we don’t have many active raiders. On a good night we might get 12 or so. Which is enough, but not if we want to get into Mythic raiding.

Then there are those who feel we should take any guildie who signs up. This bugs me. Especially when they have terrible situational awareness, have no idea about tactics and don’t look them um prior to a raid, who really don’t know how to play their class. Example, they have 10 ilevels more than my alt, yet my alt did 10k more dps than them, they were pretty much bottom for damage done the whole raid…

We have guildies who want to be officers, but really will never be and should never be as despite their best intentions, they aren’t great at RL, they go back on their word, nepotism is something they do, and they try to overtalk the RL and speak to people in a patronising manner.

Never ever tell someone in a raid how to play their class, especially if their class is not the class you play as a main. Only ever give advice if asked, or if they do something they really shouldn’t, or don’t do something they really do. And even then, do it in whispers.

A raid isn’t the place to learn how to play your class, or to learn how to raid. Dungeons, lfr and battlegrounds are the places to do that. BG’s are really helpful I feel in getting to know your class well.

Lately there has been guild drama, an ex officer caused some trouble by telling lies, left the guild shortly after and continued to stir up trouble. This has had an impact on our recruitment. This also had an impact on me, as the lies were about me and caused an ingame friend to really fall out with me, and to leave the guild too. What bothered me the most was that the GM and other officer knew it was lies yet did not speak to the guy to tell him it wasn’t true. I almost quit the guild then, which was drastic as i have been in it for coming up to 6 years, and i have tremendous loyalty towards it.

However, lately I have been feeling that it may be time to move on. Our GM is rarely online these days. Yes he does live in a country that has load shedding so is often without power, but that is not 24 hours a day. It can be 3-4 weeks that he is offline. The other officer does do stuff, she is also our main RL and tank, but she is usually busy with work. So it is me who does the website, the twitter, the facebook, keeps the guild bank in some kind of order, tries to recruit and organises fun things for us to do as a guild. And really that’s only because I haven’t had a permanent full time job for a while, and that may change soon.

We could really do with another officer, however I can honestly say there is no one I’d feel confident in, and the other officer and the GM agree.

Sad state of affairs.


© Julie E Lowes 2015


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