TKC recruiting!

The Killer Carebears, an alliance guild on Anachronos/Alonsus/Kul’tiras EU is recruiting for mythic!!

It is a long established guild providing a friendly, supportive place for players of all types since 2007. 

Over the years the guild has remained a feature on the server and raids each expansion at various levels depending on approach and ability.

Our main ethos is to “play nice” and we expect our members to treat each other with respect regardless of ability whilst at the same time mercilessly taking the *** out of each other.

We main raid on Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays from 9pm server time to midnight server time.

We also run fun Friday night raids, alcohol suggested but not compulsory, and we run mythic dungeons including plus keys of varying difficulties regularly.
We are currently 9/9N and 4/9H in ToS.

We are now looking towards mythic raiding in ToS and beyond, and are recruiting dps and healers towards that end.

Find us in game if you would like to discuss joining the cave, or alternatively get in touch via our website at


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