Helpful sites for all things wow

DISCORD – links to most of the class specific discords are here, think of it as ts, msn, skype and mmo champion rolled into one, some have became a bit toxic but just ignore the plebs –

Icy veins, the go to for class info, raid and dungeon info –


Class specific sites –

this site has links to many many class specific sites –


Simming your toons go here-


For logging –

* input logs from warcraftlogs here for some handy shizzles–

More indepth info at –

—————————————————————————————————————— and

Wowhead, the go to site for any queries about ingame items, quests etc –

Then ofc there is wowwiki –



Legion Brawlers Guild –…/7-1-5-ptr-brawlers-guild-overview

General info and fun stuff here –

Rankings and info on characters can be found at the following sites –


For addons –

Other helpful sites –

AND if you want to show off your pets, this is the group foryou

Wow related and geek clothing –



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