Legion Theories

VARIAN (this one is mine )
On the loading screen his swords used to be blue and orange when separated, on the loading screen they are now both orange.
Imo there has to be a reason for the change, it has me intrigued, his “main”sword is Shalamayne which was created when Onyxia fused Varians two halves back into one while they were holding their respective weapons Shalla’tor and Ellemayne.
Shalla’tor means Shadow Render, while Ellemayne means Reaver. While Ellemayne had a red/orange gem, Shalla’tor had a blue gem.
Since Lo’Gosh had the orangey sword, perhaps he will be resurrected and become a dual wielding Lo’Gosh 100%

Or Gul’dan will place his soul in a fel reaver.
OR…. and this is my favourite theory – His soul was split and those swords Shalamayne held him together as long as they were bound.
In the fight on the lost shore, Varian split the swords there by splitting his soul and during the cinematic we see varian killed but only one of hisswords losing it’s power.
You could extrapolate from this that one half of Varians soul is still alive! The fact we are getting a revamped Alcaz island, where the double Varians were kept, also hints at Varians story not being over
© Julie E Lowes 2017
This thread has blown up. I was not expecting the 5 golds from it, or to see it pop up on icyveins too http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/23547-the-real-enemy-may-not-be-sargeras/. Thanks to all the readers and fellow conspirators. Just noticed my custom flair too
After seeing the Il’gynoth whispers and the mass of guessing and the lore implications that has arisen from it, it got me really thinking. I have also read Chronicle so there will be minor spoilers from there as well. This will be long.
In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, here are a few threads about it. All credit to their original posters. Jaina is a servant of the Old Gods-
“In short, Il’gynoth whispers the following lines to you during his fight *”The boy-king serves at the master’s table. Three lies he will offer you.” *”Flesh is his gift. He is your true creator.” *”The king of diamonds has been made a pawn.” *”Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path” *”Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it.” *”To find him, drown yourself in a circle of stars.” *”The lord of ravens will turn the key.” *”At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming”.
All of these are pretty huge bombshells of information and pretty cryptic and vague, so I’ll translate them as to what I think they mean.
“The boy-king serves at the master’s table. Three lies he will offer you.” Sorry, this one is the longest. The boy king instantly made me think of Anduin. This seems like it’s too obvious though, so I’m thinking it refers to Wrathion. If the boy king serves at the master’s table, who is the master? Il’gynoth is the speaker, so who is his master? The boy king serves the Old Gods. As for the second line, its a very ominous, Homeric (The Iliad) way of writing that the “boy king” will tell you three lies. The word offer is what makes me think about Wrathion. Anduin cannot offer anything as he is the King, he orders. Wrathion is still very much a child in dragon years, relative to the speaker of this quote. Wrathion offered his aid to “us”, three times.
We took it, three times.
First, it was in Cataclysm, when Wrathion aided Rogues in creating the Fangs of the Father daggers. We were told because the Fangs were the only weapons powerful enough to defeat Deathwing (along with the Dragon Soul), as he is our greatest enemy. Yes we beat Deathwing, but at what cost? The Aspects lost their Titan gifted power. Malygos is long dead, replaced by Kalec, who then lost his power. Ysera is dead. Nozdormu is off being Doc Brown in his private sand castle. Neltharion is dead. Alexstrazsa is furious that her siblings are gone.
Secondly, it was in Pandaria, when Wrathion helped us imbue the power of the Celestials into capes, extracted the power of the Sha and then used it to augment their own weapons, and oh yea he ate the heart of Lei Shen. Wrathion is given image of “a million, million worlds-glittering in their perfection-but one above all others” he then grunts in pain and says”WE HAVE FALLEN. WE MUST REBUILD THE FINAL TITAN. DO NOT FORGET.” He then conveniently forgets. He tells Anduin then “It’s not wise to trust me”.
Thirdly, it was in Pandaria again, when Wrathion helped Kairoz and Garrosh. Yea those two guys who are responsible for Warlords of Draenor. You can thank Wrathion for that. Wrathion was mad because Varian didn’t destroy the Horde. After getting berated by Tong, the silent bartender, for being a fool he flies off. Wrathion then later interferes with Garrosh’s trial, helping Kairoz and Garrosh escape. He then tells Anduin that he is the last of the Black dragons, and is now the protector of Azeroth. Wrathion definitely shows the power of his father the Earthwarder. He also claimed he wields the power of the titans when we had to fight him during our Cape’s Celestial Trial. So Wrathion believed that sending Garrosh to Draenor was in Azeroth’s best interests. We also know that Spiritwalker Ebonborn/Ebyssian the Black Dragon is a hell of a lot older than Wrathion is, and is actually our ally.
“Flesh is his gift. He is your true creator.” Yogg-Saron created the “Curse of Flesh”. It made all of the non fleshy things into fleshy things. Earthen became Dwarves, Iron Vrykul became Vrykul. So on and so forth. Yogg-Saron is basically responsible all of the Alliance races, except Elves, who stem from trolls and are native to primordial Azeroth. We also know that Yogg-Saron is not dead. He never was. We didnt kill him in Ulduar, we closed his mouth with Val’Anyr and then left to go fight in Tirions Renaissance Fair. This quote is just a being of the Void being a being of the Void. The Old Gods see mortal flesh as their own creation because it is. They like to be cocky.
“The king of diamonds has been made a pawn.” Magni Bronzebeard was the King of Ironforge. He got freaky with some ritual. His skin is now diamonds. He woke up. He “speaks to azeroth”. Uh huh…I’m sure it’s Azeroth hes speaking to. Oh yea he also told us to get the FIVE Pillars of Creation.
“Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path” Metaphors aside, this is obvious. The Pillars of Creation might seal the Tomg of Sargeras, but I think it’s more likely to open a hole to Azeroth’s corrupted heart. The Black Empire 2.0. Seeing as how Magni is a pawn of the Old Gods, and how he told us that the Pillars were the key to stopping the legion, the Old Gods want the Pillars, and want to stop the Legion. But if the Legion is our enemy, and the Old Gods are our enemy too, and they are also enemies of eachother, shouldn’t one of us be friends?
“Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it.” In b4 “lol shes just a dreadlord”. This quote is Jaina Proudmoore. The crater is Theramore…and her heart after losing Arthas, and helping kill her father, and seeing all her friends die. Oh yea shes also a mage, the users of the arcane have amazing track records when it comes to corruption. Aegwynn and Medivh with Sargeras…Jaina Proudmoore and the Old Gods. Ill explain the quote, but I believe it also goes deeper. Jaina was left exposed by all her losses in her life, and the Old Gods filled her void.
My theory on Jaina goes deeper. There is no mention of Jaina having a mother anywhere. Her father Daelin was the Grand Admiral of the Alliance. They were based out of Kul Tiras. An island, in the ocean. N’zoth likes oceans.
Daelin also had a daughter with a elf mage of dalaran, but Chris Metzen denounced her story and “it’s not canon”. Jaina spent a lot of time with Arthas. We all know Arthas, I hope. Arthas became the Lich King, and then built a castle around himself out of the blood of an old god. Saronite is Yogg-Saron’s blood.
When Arthas was going through Azjol-Nerub, he fought faceless ones and a “forgotten one”. This was one of Yogg-Saron’s mouths. He was testing Arthas.
Yogg-Saron showed us Arthas torturing Bolvar during his fight, then says “He will learn, no king rules forever.”
In the cinematic after we down Arthas, Terenas says “No king rules forever, my son”. So…Jaina, a powerful mage without a mother manipulates Arthas along with Mal’ganis into becoming the Lich King. She then has a totally uncalled for change of character after Theramore is turned into a crater, she wants to kill all the Horde and make the Kirin Tor great again. She has to be a Dreadlord right? No. Jaina is a direct creation of the Old Gods. Specifically, Nzoth. N’zoth (through Jaina) and Yogg-Saron orchestrated Arthas becoming the Lich King, not Ner’zhul.
There is no Nerz’hul only Yogg-Saron-“BOW DOWN BEFORE THE GOD OF DEATH”.
“To find him, drown yourself in a circle of stars.” This one is pretty cryptic. Who is “him”? A circle of stars? How do you drown in stars? This is metaphorical as hell evil Confucius. There are a few things that I can gather from this. Firstly, if you are standing outside at night, devoid of foreign lights in the horizon, you can see the Milky Way. It appears as a ring across the sky.
We see this too on Azeroth. Every 3 or 4 days some guy posts the Highmountain Skybox at night and goes “omg this is so kewl guyze” and it gets like 6 zillion upboats (I’ve done it). So Azeroth is sitting in a galaxy like ours, surrounded by a circle of stars. As for drowning, its either metaphorical drowning, or actual drowning. Seeing as how a circle of stars is pretty cryptic, I’m going to assume that drowning is a metaphor. “Drown yourself”=submerge/immerse/envelop yourself in the cosmos (circle of stars).
Now who is him? Well the latter half suggests that him is in the cosmos, so he is a celestial being. Our options are Sargeras, Aman’thul, Algalon, Kil’jaeden the list goes on. “To find HIM, submerge and drink in the cosmos”. It’s basically telling us we need to go to space. If you stick around after Velen’s battle with RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-AKEESH (Garrosh the Eredar attacking Exodar), Velen says “Repair the Ship, We are going home.” I know I’m really reaching here like ALIENS but I think this is telling us that the real battle is in the cosmos.
“The lord of ravens will turn the key.” Kurtalos Ravencrest is just too obvious. Who else is associated with ravens? Atiesh. Medivh and Khadgar. We also saw a raven in the Karazhan preview for 7.1, which Medivh was a fan of as well as Khadgar. We are also encountering a Shade of Medivh in 7.1, so Medivh could be the target of this quote, but it’s meaning is pretty cryptic still. Im guessing that its something to do with the five pillars and the Tomb.
We will discover more about this when we get to Karazhan, I hope.
“At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming”. Elisande and Sylvanas are a lot of replies I’m getting. My thoughts are Sylvanas has already died three times, if you count her first from Arthas. Elisande rewinds time when she “dies”, and Gul’dan has the eye of Aman’thul. I’m thinking this is talking about Azeroth. Azeroth is apparently a “she”, as Magni said. This would also work alongside the “Her heart…crater”=Azeroth instead of Jaina.
Azeroth has died twice.
The first was the Sundering, when the Well of Eternity exploded.
The second was the Cataclysm, when Deathwing did some landscaping. So does this mean Azeroth might get another revamp? We have been in post Cataclysm Azeroth longer than Vanilla wow Azeroth so I wouldnt mind another revamp expansion that reflects the events of every expac until now. What could cause Azeroth’s third “death”? A Xal’ath line says that the “the last prison has weakened. We must prepare.” could be leading on that the Old Gods are almost ready to rise. The lord of the ravens will turn the key, and the 5 torches to light their path.
Khadgar is going to fuck up. He going to use the 5 pillars to close the legion portal, and at the same time, free the Old Gods. Would the next expac reflect the Azeroth we know so well, but changed by the emergence of the Old Gods? Every expansion (if you count the arrakoa ghosts in SMV outland summoning “cthun”) has addressed the Old Gods, even WoD had it’s hints (RIP Farahlon, but I dont want to go back to draenor ever). Yogg-Saron bursting from beneath all of his locations in Northrend, bathing the continent in saronite would be amazing, hey maybe we could then see Azjol-Nerub as a zone finally.
Cthun shattering AQ and covering everything south of Desolace and the Barrens in Qiraji and Silithid.
N’zoth rises from the maelstrom, bringing the sea floor with it and the fallen Palace of Azshara.
I dont care what happens in Pandaria they can continue getting drunk for all I care, pretty sure Yshaarj is the only Old God that is now truly “dead”.
So we have a minion of the Old Gods spewing lines of prophecy and metaphors. That’s nothing new. Ever since C’thun whispering his lines in AQ, Blizzard has established that Old Gods love to spew gibberish and confusing prophetic phrases, its how the Old Gods manipulate minds. I could be playing right into Blizzards ironic storytelling, allowing Il’gynoth’s lines to mislead me, but I doubt it.
The correlation of the inferred interpretations cant be ignored. The 5 pillars actually being 5 keys to unleash the Old Gods is HUGE. Magni is being manipulated by something that isn’t Azeroth, but claiming to be. Jaina being a servant of the Old Gods? We are fucked boys.
Khadgar better poke his head out of his cushion fortress and look at the big picture. Sargeras is not our enemy. S
argeras was designated to combat the enemies of the Titans and safeguard the cosmos. The enemies he found were demons, and the void. Sargeras laughed at demons, he built a prison for them (Mardum) out of a planet and threw them all there to party in jail. When Sargeras encountered the void, and saw it’s power to corrupt, that it was drove him to action.
Illidan was given a vision of Sargeras burning across infinite worlds and realities, all in his misson to eradicate life.
This was so horrible to witness Illidan tore his eyes out in hope of stopping the visions. Sargeras saw the power of the void and could not combat it the same way he had fought demons.
Sargeras ripped the planet (Mardum) in half http://i.imgur.com/tCyDwuL.jpg. Sargeras used Mardum as a rez point for demons.
Any time a demon died, it would respawn on Mardum.
The power of the planet ripping apart changed Sargeras. He became fel infused and the void leftover by Mardum’s destruction created a portal allowing more and more demons to pour through. Sargeras then bound the demons to his will, and set out to destroy worlds he deemed unfit. Sargeras aggro’ed the pantheon so they met on a world called Nihilam.
The pantheon told Sargeras of Azeroth, a world soul that would be strong enough to combat the Void Gods. They did not tell him where it was. Sargeras said thanks and killed the Pantheon, releasing their titan souls to the cosmos.
The keepers of Azeroth recieved a message from the pantheon and their demise, warning them about their demise.
Looks like the keepers forgot. “None of them remember!”
Wrathion exclaims when he recieves the same message from the pantheon as the watchers did. Now Sargeras is on a mission across the cosmos to find Azeroth, the universe’s last hope to combat the void.
We as mortals see Sargeras’ mission as deplorable. He destroys life indescriminately, rips planets in half, corrupts mortals and manipulates them, naturally we see Sargeras as our enemy.
The Legion has made it really easy to hate them too. I’m not saying that the Legion’s actions are excuseable, but put yourself in Sargeras’ cosmic shoes. He is a being born of stars and energy.
Why should he care what a few plankton think about him? He’s on a mission to save the universe from the void. He’s doing the right thing. The pantheon were fools and didn’t understand how much of a threat the void was. Sargeras believes he is doing the right thing, for the betterment of creation.
But, Sargeras is killing everything right? Isnt that bad?
He is responsible for all of the worst suffering that Azeroth has endured. Sargeras is the cleansing flame.
He is the one starving out the void by burning it’s food source, life. Almost every void being we have fought has some title or quote about devouring all life, feeding on essence, sapping the life etc.
Beings of the void are the polar opposite of life. Our death sustains their life. They thrive on death. Consuming life gives them energy and power.
How do you stop a forest fire?
With controlled burns, you starve out the main fire by burning it’s path ahead of time. Sargeras is mitigating the void by burning worlds of life. It is called the Burning Legion after all. Sargeras thinks hes doing us a favor.
Better to be vaporized by the Legion than be consumed by the void. “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is one of those stupid lines that network TV likes to drop before a commercial break. Well Blizzard is a fan of that kind of writing style and tropes, YOU GET CORRUPTED, YOU GET CORRUPTED, YOU GET CORRUPTED, EVERYONE GETS CORRUPTED HAHAHAHA. /oprah.
It’s a three way war between the Void, Legion, and “The Army of Light”. One of us must be friends with the other.
Our real battle lies with the Void. Instead of foolishly fighting against the largest threat at a time, the mortals of Azeroth need to see the bigger picture. The Void is our greatest enemy, not the Legion. The Void is the Old Gods, they are the physical manifestations of the void, as beings of the void cannot exist in our mortal plane very easily. The Old Gods are true root of all the vilest evil on Azeroth. Cthun led his Qiraji against the Night Elves, N’zoth corrupted Neltharion, Yogg-Saron “the God of Death” is the Lich King. They are either hulking masses of wiggling tentacled flesh, or voidwalkers/void lords/naaru. Wait…Naaru? But the Naaru are our friends, aren’t they?
No. They are not. The naaru are anomalies. They are albino beings of the void. Without contrast, darkness is nothingness, unthreatening.
Throw some light in the black abyss then suddenly the darkness looks a lot more menacing.
Naaru “return” to the void when they die.
Muru turned into Entropius in the Sunwell, which was then “purified” by Velen and used to reignite the Sunwell. Priests, specifically shadow priests, “purify” a Void god in their class hall, turning it into a Naaru, Saara.
Talk to Saara, she threatens to “show you what the outside of Netherlight temple looks like, from space”. She is a pure being of light and hope, why is she threatening to put you in a vacuum to die?
The Naaru have been the enemy of the Legion, the Old Gods, and apparently are the champions of life.
Why is it every time they show up, the worst things are happening? The Naaru are not beings of light, they are beings of the Void. Velen tells you that Netherlight Temple was built as a prison to hold a Naaru that fell to the Void. The same Naaru that wants to suffocate you in space. The same Naaru that all the priests so blindly follow now because of their precious Light.
Xera, the Naaru prime, invades our mind to show us visions of Illidan’s past. This celestial being is invading our minds and showing us whatever it wants to. Why do we trust the Naaru?
Because they are the enemy of Sargeras?
Because they are beings of Light and the overzealous Draenei follow them as gods for saving them from Sargeras?
We shall see what other lies and propoganda Xera fills our heads with in the weeks to come, as she “reveals” more of Illidan’s past.
Remember, Xiri and Adal and the Shatar thought that invading the Black Temple and killing Illidan was a good idea.
The Naaru that are supposed to be cosmic beings of light and defenders of life.
They told us to kill Illidan because he was a threat and used demons as soldiers. Hindsight is 20/20, Illidan was acting to save our world and universe, through means we see as abominable.
Too bad the Naaru couldnt see that Illidan used the Reliquary of Souls to actually free the demons from the Legion’s influence.
This is explained during the Black Harvest warlock Green Fire quest line, where you sneak into the Black Temple and see Kanrethad’s shade talking about how Illidan used the power of the Reliquary.
That is why all of Illidan’s demon soldiers (specifically Satyrs) are a different color than ones of the Legion.
The Illidari sacificed everything, their friends, family, lives, and mortal souls to destroy the Legion. Much in the same way that Sargeras sacrificed everything, his own kind, his cosmic form, and countless lives to stop the void. In the months to come of Legion, don’t forget who our true enemies are.
Don’t get Khadgar and the other mages of the Kirin Tor think what’s in our best interest. Remember, Magni is a pawn of the void, the lord of ravens will turn the key, and five keys to open our way. W
e might close the Legion portal at the Tomb of Sargeras, but all that power being used to seal the portal could easily be used for something else. Something a lot worse than the Burning Legion.
UPDATE -Crater is azeroth, not jaina. Getting a lot of replies about it. I dig it, sounds rad to me. Makes more sense in the context as well. Leaves her open for the dreadlord meme too. -Some clarification on Sargeras. I’m not saying that we need to go kiss and make up with him. Im saying that instead of shitting the beds about the Legion, we should be checking out Ulduar, AQ, address the fact that wrymrest temple is probably still ripped in half and covered in old god maws where we fought skittles squid and general ping pong. Don’t expect Sargeras to just be the big bad guy of Legion. We will be getting the Old Gods very soon. -Naaru. I don’t like the Naaru. I think they are obnoxious omnipotent wind chimes that are too powerful. They belong in Diablo, not Warcraft. That said, seeing Oros get BTFO’ed by Rakeesh was great. I don’t trust the Naaru. What if the Naaru werent looking out for us? I still don’t think they are. Our life benefits them because we can help them fight the Void. The “Army of Light” is their creation. When a Naaru “burns out”, they return as a Void God. The priest questline that has us purify a void god (I only did this as shadow so I extracted its corruption) and then it becomes a Naaru is huge as well. If a Naaru can “fall to the void”, become a Void God, and then can be turned back into a Naaru (through the power of the Old Gods/naaru on a stick/ashbringer stick) then maybe the Naaru are not as omnipotent as they has originally seemed during their introduction in TBC. Time will tell and well see what role the Naaru play and whose side they truly are on. -Added “third death quote”.

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  1. I wish there was more to Varian’s death than we know, and that he wasn’t actually dead. I like the idea of the split swords splitting his soul, as it were.

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