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What’s going on with her? Who is she? Who is her mother? Is she a Dreadlord as many seem to think?

I don’t think she is. I think she has the potential to be a big bad, but not a dreadlord.

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The most important query is, I feel, who is her mother? We have never heard a name (please correct me if we have), and we assume she and her brother have the same mother.


Now, what if her mother is actually Sylvanas?

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She could be, yes in lore Jaina is classed as human, but as many other hybrids have shown us, you can be a hybrid and look more like one half of your ancestry than the other, often massively so. It’s entirely possible that Daelin, her father, met Sylvanas during the Second War, both were there, both took part

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It’s possible that Sylvanas had a liaison with Daelin, and kept it hidden from her people in shame, being a High Elf and Ranger General of Silvermoon. We know already he was a bit of a boy, having another child outside of his family unit. It would also explain his excessive anger upon finding her at Theramore being allied with the horde, he has hidden her true parentage all these years. After the Second War, Sylvanas was at Silvermoon doing very little. Could she perhaps have had a child to care for?


There is another theory I have considered, which I really like even if it is a bit out there.

Jaina is  Medivh’s  twin.

Now now I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out.

Aegwyn was the Guardian of Tirisfal, she had untold magical powers, and well, was a bit cocky.

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She seduced the court conjurer Nielas Aran  

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Aegwyn was desirous of having a child she could pass on her powers to, as well as to become the next guardian, despite the Order of Tirisfall being against this. She was arrogant and willful, and wanted HER bloodline to continue being the Guardian.  So she hit up the court conjurer to be the baby daddy.

Unfortunately, Sargeras had possessed Medivh while still in the womb, therefore all of Aegwyns powers went into both Medivh and Sargeras, but lay dormant until he reached adulthood, almost killing him.

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Now, what if there was a twin? Aegwyin with all her power could easily delay the growth of one of the foetuses, incase the first born wasn’t what she had hoped. She was intelligent as well as sneaky, and it stands to reason she would have a back up plan. Safety of the child would neccessitate secrecy, it’s entirely possible Dealin actually believed the child was his.

Jaina became a powerful magi, being sent to Dalaran to study, fulfilling her destiny perhaps?

Aegwyn became Jaina’s advisor at Theramore, and almost died giving her life force to her, and insisted that her identity was kept a secret.

Why? Why would you do this for a complete stranger? Was it purely accidental that they met while Jaina was trying to herd thunder lizards?

Early art of Aegwyn and Jaina are almost identical, and perhaps not just due to the lack of transmog at the time.

jaina aegwyn

There is another theory that Jaina as actually Queen Azshara, but while it is i guess possible, i think it’s unlikely. for one she hated humans so wouldn’t have had a dalliance with Arthas.

Then there is the theory that Jaina is actually head of a lost dragonflight. Jainagosa 😛

Image result for female blue dragonflight


All art borrowed from blizzard sites with no shown copyright or artist unless stated, I claim no ownership of these gorgeous peices.




© Julie E Lowes 20/7/17



6 thoughts on “Jaina Theories

  1. Interesting theory, it’s definitely possible knowing how powerful Aegwyn was and her giving her power to Jaina. There is definitely something big plannedfor Jaina, can’t wait to see what it is.

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