Lore/character question.


Who is your very most favourite WoW character and why?

Mine is Arthas as the Lich King.


I find his whole story very sad and intriguing, thinking about what could have been if he’d turned the other way. I also adore his voice but that’s a whole different story¬†


As far as raid bosses go, The Lich King is still my favourite fight, such a clever idea and unique mechanics.

Also, the whole Arthas to the Lich King story really is reminisicent of the Anakin to Darth Vader story, imho.


Both started out as good, sympathetic if overly passionate young men who wanted only to help their family and those they loved, but they were pursuaded down a dark path with dire consequences. Quite heartbreaking really.


Who is your favourite character?



Darth/Lich crossover art by Glenn Rane.
Lich King by Artstation.
Anakin by LivingAliveCreator.

Young Arethas by Pauly (i think going by the sig)
Others are official blizz/lucasfilm images.



4 thoughts on “Lore/character question.

  1. Oh wow. Never saw the similarities between LK and DV, but they’re totally there!

    I love the Lich King also, but my favourite character is Jaina, and I loved your theory on her. She’s kick ass and powerful but jas held onto her humanity.

  2. I think probably Varian. He was a great leader, and a great father. He also had an interesting history what with his time as a gladiator.

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