Return of the Lich King, JR.

So. Jaina.


Where TF is she in Legion?


We know she spat her dummy and stormed off, no doubt being comforted by her paramour Kalecgos, hopefully in his human form not his dragon form, because ouch.

jaina kelc


Is she riling up the alliance in Kul’tiras ready for horde ass kicking in the next expac?

Is she just pouting somewhere?

Or is she trying to dissuade the child she had with Arthas from going to Northrend to take over his/her fathers mantle of Lich King?


As I said in another piece, this also links in to the whole theory of the scourge becoming a big force to be reckoned with after we’ve dealt with the Legion, the four Horseman are back thanks to all you Death Knights (awesome quest line btw), and the Lich King must have a long term goal in mind after the Legion is defeated.

4 horse

What will the horseman do after the Burning Legion is defeated? Go back from whence they came? I think not. The Lich King now has them firmly under his control, they are his servants to lead the scourge to do whatever his bidding may be. The scourge is stronger, more focused and organised than ever, thanks DK’s. Will Arthas/Jaina Jr want to do what his/her father couldn’t?

Are we ready for Return of the Lich?

We know Jaina and Arthas slept together many times before he want batshit crazy. She spent many years at Theramore isolated and it is not without the bounds of reality that she had a child, kept hidden because of who the childs father was.

jaina arthas

You know Sylvanas would want it dead.

So, expac after the next one, which is likely to be void lords/old gods etc. or maybe even the upcoming one. I mean who better to defeat them than The Lich King, Jr?


baby arthas

© Jules E Lowes, 24/10/17.

Art by –

Estelle Pechuzal

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