Shadow Hunter? Void archer?

So. Legion is more than halfway through its game life.

The next expansion is being announced at Blizzcon (eeeeeeeeek!)

There are loads of theories around what it will be, most revolving around Kul’tiras and a sea based expansion.

However, what about Alleria? She was infected/infused with the void.

Image result for alleria void

The void is basically the old Gods, so are we going to have a Void/Old God expansion, with, perhaps, a new hero class?

Meet the shadow hunter! Somewhere between a hunter and a shadow priest, with a hint of demon hunter. They already exist in lore –

They are historically trolls, but I’m sure it can be fitted into lore to make other classes able to train in the ways of the shadow hunter. And, this might lead the way for Vol’jin to return, perhaps.

Or, perhaps the void archer would be more fitting –


Image result for void hunter

Personally, i don’t think we are going to get a new class, we had one with Legion, so if anything it will likely be new race or even side races. Nightfallen/withered would be great.

Jaina will likely make an appearance, and Sylvannas will no doubt continue to be a stroppy biatch.

Time will tell!

© Jules E Lowes 17/10/17



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