New sub-races

So the interwebs is alive with talk of new sub-races.

I’m not convinced these are them –

wowheads article on the datamining

Void Elf
Lightforged Draenei
Highmountain Tauren

Let’s look at them one by one.

Nightborne – 

Well, if anything these would be faction neutral, imho, not horde as suggested. All elves came from the same background, and nightborne were nightborne before the split into night and blood elves. And if we get nightborne, we should also get nightfallen, again neutral.

Image result for nightborne and nightfallenImage result for nightfallen

Nightborn as it’s own race with nightfallen as a sub-race, yes 🙂

Void elf –

Void anything is likely to be more class related than race related, as any race can be corrupted or changed by the void. This would also have to be faction neutral.

Alleria –

Image result for void elf

Lightforged draenei-

So a draenei paladin? Other than yellow eyes and some golden tattoos, and white hair, they aren’t much different looks wise. Now if they didnt have squid tendrils and tails I could hop on board.

We have lightforged centurions, commanders, clerics etc in Antorus –

Image result for lightforged draeneiRelated imageRelated image

I believe if we got any draenei sub-race it would be eredar. Draenei were eredar before they were corrupted by Sargeras and became man’ari, though ingame eredar have became synonymous with bad guys. Velen is/was eredar, as were Archimonde and Kil’jaeden before being corrupted, and before the eredar fled to draenor and became draenei.

Image result for eredar



Highmountain tauren – 

What differentiates these from tauren? Are these more stoned than them? Looks wise they aren’t really any different other than antlers instead of horns on the males.


I think taunka would have been better, though let’s face it, they’re just tauren on steroids! And, there are no female taunka ingame that I can find mention of.

Image result for taunka

While I do think sub-races will be a thing, I’m not sure this is it. Highmountain are just tauren lets face it, they don’t look any different. Nightborne would have to be neutral, as nelf and belf came from the same elves as nightbourne, and if they give us nightbourne they have to give us nightfallen also.

Void elf is just silly, they’re unlikely to bring in 2 new elves, and void anything is likely to be class related since any race can become void. Taunka has been suggested, not a million miles away from tauren looks wise. Just a tauren on steroids that grew horns.

What differentiates a highmountain tauren from a tauren, looks wise?  And lightforged draenei?

So, I think if we get subraces they will have to be more different, looks wise anyway  Nightbourne would be different, but the rest just arent that different.

I get that sub-races aren’t different races, just a slight change from the parent race. But. If it isn’t a really noticeable change, then it’s not worth it.

I think, brown orcs would be a welcome sub-race as players have asked for that for years.

Image result for brown orc by PinkyPills on deviant art.

I also believe that if they bring in sub-races, they are likely to be something we’ve not seen before and linked to the next expansion. Void is likely, but linked to a class not a race, such as Shadow Hunters?


© Jules E Lowes 22/10/17



4 thoughts on “New sub-races

  1. I have to say I agree with this. And as we know datamining can be tricky.
    We will get sub races at some point and likely next expac, but not convinced these are those, for your reasons plus others.

  2. They will likely give us sub-races at some point, though i think more players would prefer whole new races rather than recoloured versions of current ones.

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