Blizzcon 2017!!


So it all kicks off tomorrow and I’m so excited I may pee!!

I’m really excited about the expansion announcement, and yes yes they haven’t said they are announcing it, but they announce one every other year.

I’m also excited about the new Christie golden book, even more so since she messaged me directly about my blizzcon discord ūüėõ I’ve always loved her wow books, Knaak also, and would like nothing more than to be at the panel myself. Sadly living in the UK the cost of going to blizzcon is far more than the ticket, which I could actually afford.


Anyhoo, I have a discord of my own, which has quite a lot of members, and we have some special guests joining us over the convention.

Confirmed guests are Jarod: NWBZPWNR 


#Howdoyoukillthatwhichhasnolife He said he is stopping by with Songhammer



We also have EU MVP¬†Shammoz ¬†popping on during or after the ‘World of Warcraft: what’s next’ panel.

We also have Perculia in the discord, Perculia is site director for Wowhead.


I have also spoken to the following people who may or may not be attending at some point as a surprise but can’t confirm or deny when due to scheduling – Henry Cavill, Christie Golden, Jordan Raskopoulos, Michael McConnohie (voice of illidan) many you tubers and streames and lore people, etc¬†¬†

Friday Schedule


Saturday schedule

If you want to join us, Pm me for the discord link on Facebook or Twitter 

PM me when joining also so i know which role to assign you!

Lets get the blizzcon hype rolling with a convo about our wishes/ideas/worries for the next expansion! Meet you in the blizzconners 1 voice channel tonight/today (Thursday 2nd) at 8pm UK time, 9pm EU server time, 13.00pm PDT, 22.00pm CEST!!



© Jules E Lowes 2/11/17


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