Sylvanas – For the Horde or for herself?


What the frack is she up to?


She went full on banshee in the cinematic for Battle for Azeroth. Was a pretty epic moment.

Image result for sylvanas banshee battle for azeroth

Up until this point I always thought of her as one dimensional, and all about herself and her forsaken, rather than for the horde as a whole. To me she was all vengeance for what was done to her by Arthas in his incarnation as the  Lich King, despite him being no more.

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However, I do feel though that at the battle for Lordaeron, when she saw her fallen comrades, it made her feel a sense of unity with them, and I do believe she meant it for the first time when she shouted “For the Horde!”

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Did it take the sacking of her home city and the help of the rest of the horde races to make her realise they are one clan united?

Why did she burn Teldrassil? We know it was her, we were told during Blizzcon.

Was she fed false information? Was her sister there and she had to threaten to burn it for her sister to be freed? We saw the injured elf in the screen grabs –

Image result for injured elf burning teldrassilImage result for injured elf burning teldrassil

Was the injured elf one of her sisters who she rescued? Or was it perhaps a hostage? Someone she captured then forced to watch as she burned down their home? What’s with the spines on the back of the elf in the first unburned shot? Demon hunter spikes or arrows?

And what does Sylvanas want from Stormwind? In the next book by Christie Golden, Sylvanas wants her army and she wants Stormwind. Some theories claim she wants the remains of Arthas, which are rumoured to be interred in Stormwind, in theMausoleum next to Tiffin Wrynn’s tomb.

Image result for arthas grave in stormwind

What could she want with Arthas remains? The Lich King helm isn’t there, Bolvar has that in ICC where he remains custodian of the Lich King.

Image result for where is the lich king after arthas defeat

Frostmourne isn’t there (you death knights have the pieces of that made into your artifact weapons).

Image result for frost death knight artifact

Does she feel she can use the remains to become something more powerful than she is already? She showed extraordinary power already when she threw off the shackles of being a banshee and became herself. Does she want more?

Does she want them just to own the remains of the one who enslaved her? Dance around them on the weekends saying  ‘nur nur’.




Does she believe she can use the remains of one who was once an all powerful vessel of the Lich King and become a Lich herself?

Lich Queen Sylvanas.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment, Wowhead, MMOChampion.

© Jules E Lowes 10/11/17




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