Guild shenanigans

My guild is awesome.

My guildies are awesome.

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Sylvanas – For the Horde or for herself?


What the frack is she up to?


She went full on banshee in the cinematic for Battle for Azeroth. Was a pretty epic moment.

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

So. The next expansion has been announced ta Blizzcon.


The cinematic was amazing as always, Blizzard are so damn good at them –


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Blizzcon 2017!!


So it all kicks off tomorrow and I’m so excited I may pee!!

I’m really excited about the expansion announcement, and yes yes they haven’t said they are announcing it, but they announce one every other year.

I’m also excited about the new Christie golden book, even more so since she messaged me directly about my blizzcon discord 😛 I’ve always loved her wow books, Knaak also, and would like nothing more than to be at the panel myself. Sadly living in the UK the cost of going to blizzcon is far more than the ticket, which I could actually afford.


Anyhoo, I have a discord of my own, which has quite a lot of members, and we have some special guests joining us over the convention.

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New sub-races

So the interwebs is alive with talk of new sub-races.

I’m not convinced these are them –

wowheads article on the datamining

Void Elf
Lightforged Draenei
Highmountain Tauren

Let’s look at them one by one.

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Shadow Hunter? Void archer?

So. Legion is more than halfway through its game life.

The next expansion is being announced at Blizzcon (eeeeeeeeek!)

There are loads of theories around what it will be, most revolving around Kul’tiras and a sea based expansion.

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Return of the Lich King, JR.

So. Jaina.


Where TF is she in Legion?


We know she spat her dummy and stormed off, no doubt being comforted by her paramour Kalecgos, hopefully in his human form not his dragon form, because ouch.

jaina kelc


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Jaina Theories





What’s going on with her? Who is she? Who is her mother? Is she a Dreadlord as many seem to think?

I don’t think she is. I think she has the potential to be a big bad, but not a dreadlord.

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The most important query is, I feel, who is her mother? We have never heard a name (please correct me if we have), and we assume she and her brother have the same mother.


Now, what if her mother is actually Sylvanas?

Image result for sylvanas during the second war



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