World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

So. The next expansion has been announced ta Blizzcon.


The cinematic was amazing as always, Blizzard are so damn good at them –


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Legion Theories

VARIAN (this one is mine )
On the loading screen his swords used to be blue and orange when separated, on the loading screen they are now both orange.
Imo there has to be a reason for the change, it has me intrigued, his “main”sword is Shalamayne which was created when Onyxia fused Varians two halves back into one while they were holding their respective weapons Shalla’tor and Ellemayne.
Shalla’tor means Shadow Render, while Ellemayne means Reaver. While Ellemayne had a red/orange gem, Shalla’tor had a blue gem.
Since Lo’Gosh had the orangey sword, perhaps he will be resurrected and become a dual wielding Lo’Gosh 100%

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Helpful sites for all things wow

DISCORD – links to most of the class specific discords are here, think of it as ts, msn, skype and mmo champion rolled into one, some have became a bit toxic but just ignore the plebs –

Icy veins, the go to for class info, raid and dungeon info –


Class specific sites –

this site has links to many many class specific sites –


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Warlords and guild stuff.

Well Warlords of Draenor has been out for around 9-10 months now.

We have Hellfire Citadel raid which is THE final tier raid of this expansion.


So we have had 3 raids – Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, and Hellfire Citadel.

Our guild has really struggled. Not because we don’t have good players because we do. We just don’t have enough of them and enough of them who sign and show up week in week out. We always have to pug some players, though as an officer I try my damnedest to recruit.

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Ode to a Mage


Ah the mage, my mage, how I love her. She was my first character to reach max level, my first main, and is still the one I play the most. In just over 3 years of playing WoW I have 298 days /played on her. Man I have too much free time…. I should really do more work, meet up with friends more, and get out the house more….

Back to mages.

Mages are awesome. We have brilliant crowd control abilities as well as being able to nuke down the enemy as well as if not better anyone else.

We can command fire, frost or arcane magics to do our bidding and smite down our enemies. Well, not with smite, we aren’t anything like those pesky priests. And we don’t have snot coloured fire like those horrible warlocks who just want to be like us but fail miserably.

Our fire is magnificent with its shades of orange, red and yellow. Out frost is beautiful with its tones of blue and green. Our arcane stupendously impressive with its purple and mauve hues.

Though after saying all that about all 3 mage specs being gorgeousness itself, I play frost at the moment and have since they messed up arcane soon after mop came out. I always loved arcane and preferred it over the other 2 specs. I just really enjoyed how it looked and felt to play, it really was a pew pew spec. When they removed scorch for all mages but fire and made the other changes in 5.2 I was pretty upset, and went back to frost.

Near the end of Cataclysm I went fire when my guild was progressing through Dragon Soul heroic, as fire was far better for Madness HC. I never really got to grips with fire, maths isn’t my strong point and fire was and still is just too gear dependant and too RNG for me. I also find it extremely cumbersome and clunky to play, I feel it lacks the fluidity of arcane and frost.

Frost doesn’t scale with gear as well as fire and arcane, however I feel that unless you’re in the top 1% of guilds doing the top 1% of damage, then frost is perfectly good to continue playing right through to 5.4. It is also great for levelling your mage, with its survivability and its target slowing frostbolt.

Pvp wise there is always always always qq about mages being op, every expansion, every patch, always. Mages are glass canons, but a well played mage can pretty much pwn any other class. By the same token, any other class played well can take down a mage if they know what they are doing. Now I pretty much suck at pvp though I do enjoy it. I back peddle, I click sometimes, I keyboard turn, but put me in a bg and the enemy always assumes that because I am a frost mage with decent gear that they must kill me immediately if not before, and I get jumped on by every player there. This has worked quite well as a diversionary tactic in the past however, muah ha ha ha!!!

 What else can a mage do?

On top of that, we can also magically conjure food out of nowhere for our raid members and friends, and those hungry players who holler at us in trade. But just remember, we are so much more than a vending machine!

We can teleport ourselves, or others, to distant parts of Azeroth, and beyond. Just make sure you use portal rather than teleport when asked to help a fellow player out. If I had a mana stone for every time I’ve teleported rather than conjured a portal I’d never be oom again!!

And, more importantly, we can now turn many critters into others kinds of critters for a full 24 hours!!!  Glyph of Crittermorph ftw!!!

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