Warlords and guild stuff.

Well Warlords of Draenor has been out for around 9-10 months now.

We have Hellfire Citadel raid which is THE final tier raid of this expansion.


So we have had 3 raids – Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, and Hellfire Citadel.

Our guild has really struggled. Not because we don’t have good players because we do. We just don’t have enough of them and enough of them who sign and show up week in week out. We always have to pug some players, though as an officer I try my damnedest to recruit.

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Pre WoD and those Character Models.

Love em or hate em, the new character models will be with us soon. Of course, if you hate them you can always turn the new models off, however, it seems a shame that some people would do that after all the time and effort that went in to creating them.

The thing is, most of them are really great (though I think female draenei faces look weird, and female night elves look just like female humans but with big pointy ears). What I didn’t like, and many others I believe, was that my character didn’t look like my character any longer. She didn’t look anything how I envisioned her to look, and I was disappointed that we weren’t going to get a free characterisation change as there are other faces that do look like how i wanted my character to look when I created her (them). For one thing, the new model makes her look Asian….

mage (3)

No-one thought we would get the chance to change how our characters’ look for free when the new models hit, as it’s a lucrative cash income for Blizzard.

So, imagine our delight when this was announced – “If you were concerned about the appearance changes making you want a new face, fear not! it’s now possible in the Barbershop for a small amount of gold!”

This news made my day, literally made me whoop and dance with glee. i could use those lovely new character models with the more realistic animations, and be able to get my characters looking as close to how i want them to as i can, for the small price of 32g! /cheer!!!


Well played Blizzard, well played!



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Warlords of Draenor will soon be upon us, with patch 6.0 no doubt hitting us in 4-6 weeks. As I haven’t received a Beta key (cry) I can’t comment first hand on the changes to my beloved mage class. I can say, however, that I am looking forward to the aesthetics of certain spells.




They look so awesomely devastating, insanely overpowered, and frankly they just look beautiful.

images World-of-Warcraft-Warlords-of-Draenor-Mage-Using-Evanesce



That being said, I think what I’m most looking forward to are the quality of life changes that are incoming, such as the Toybox, an extra bank tab for reagents and more void storage.  Anything that gives me extra storage room is great! Plus having certain toys account wide rather than farming them on each character is also a very nice and welcoming change.


I am ever so slightly concerned about the changes to the models, after viewing my characters on wowheads’ model profiler, they don’t look like the characters I know and love anymore. Blizzard have said that they will not be giving out free re-customisation, but I really do believe that everyone should get 1 free with each max level character. If your character no longer looks like themselves, there’s the chance you won’t want to play it anymore,  and hence no longer want to play world of Warcraft.

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Warlords of Draenor

Well, now we know. Now we can start to get excited. Now we can farm gold and sell off our lingering profession materials. Now we can stop setting foot in Siege of Orgrimmar farming gear upgrades, when we know they will be replaced with greens very very soon.

13th November 2014 is THE date. Warlords of Draenor goes live. Another orc end boss. Yay………

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Cold, so frostily cooooold….

frost mage

So, after going back to arcane, and being excited about it, with the release of patch 5.4, I rapidly changed back to frost. Why? Well, despite the changes to arcane being great, it still suffers hugely from lack of movement. With the new raid, I did not want to gimp my damage by playing arcane until I got to know the fights like the back of my hand as well as the spec style. Once you do know the fights and get to grips with the spec, I’m sure it’s insane for raiding. But until you do, as soon as you move your damage shoots way way down.

However, to get to know the spec and the fights for that spec you have to play that spec. And here comes the problem. Are you prepared to do sub-par dps until you do get to know everything well?

I’m not. So back to frost I went. Yes I could have gone fire, but quite frankly I dislike the spec. Not just the randomness of it, how it’s either direly dire or insanely insane, but also how it feels to play. It just feels chunky and clunky to me.

My choice was in no small part also due to the glyph of Unbound Elemental coupled with Glyph of Evaporation. I love my elemental now, whereas before it was a right pain, too big and always in the way. Now it’s cute ^_^


Maybe I should have stuck with arcane until I got to know it and SoO, maybe I should have gone fire. However, as I’m not in a top 10 guild, I feel that as long as I play my spec well and do decently good damage then it matters not what spec I play. I do think that if you play a spec you enjoy you’re more likely to do better than playing a spec you dislike purely because it is THE spec to play. It is a game after all and surely enjoying it is the reason to play?


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I Have the (Arcane) Powah!!!!

So patch 5.4 brings with it several mage changes, most specifically changes that greatly improve the arcane mage gameplay. As arcane has always been my favoured spec, I was looking forward to going  back to it with the patch going live yesterday.

arcane mage

Ice floes now has 3 charges instead of 2, which is great for fights with movement, but my complaint  is that the spell has to be hit each time, you can’t hit it once then get 3 castable-while-moving spells. Sadly.

I also love the change to Rune of Power. Instead of being restricted to staying virtually on the rune, you now have to only be within 8 yards of it, instead of the old 5 yard range, which doesn’t sound a lot but when you place 2 you have quite a large space to move around in.

The glyph of rapid displacement, giving blink 2 charges instead of 1, is also pretty nifty for the arcane mage, blink out of the way then blink back to your rune, job done.

Our guild went to SoO in flexi mode as we had 15 people wanting to go. We downed the first 3 pretty easily, struggled a bit on Sha of Pride, and called it at our usual finishing time after downing the first 3 and having a few tries on the 4th. Was pretty fun, I got a necklace and loot is always good.

Found it a bit tricky getting used to arcane again, will probably take me a week or so, but I liked what I saw, and the aoe is lovely! It feels much better to play than it has of late, to me anyway, and the changes are very welcome.

Arcane, we love you!!


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Ode to a Mage


Ah the mage, my mage, how I love her. She was my first character to reach max level, my first main, and is still the one I play the most. In just over 3 years of playing WoW I have 298 days /played on her. Man I have too much free time…. I should really do more work, meet up with friends more, and get out the house more….

Back to mages.

Mages are awesome. We have brilliant crowd control abilities as well as being able to nuke down the enemy as well as if not better anyone else.

We can command fire, frost or arcane magics to do our bidding and smite down our enemies. Well, not with smite, we aren’t anything like those pesky priests. And we don’t have snot coloured fire like those horrible warlocks who just want to be like us but fail miserably.

Our fire is magnificent with its shades of orange, red and yellow. Out frost is beautiful with its tones of blue and green. Our arcane stupendously impressive with its purple and mauve hues.

Though after saying all that about all 3 mage specs being gorgeousness itself, I play frost at the moment and have since they messed up arcane soon after mop came out. I always loved arcane and preferred it over the other 2 specs. I just really enjoyed how it looked and felt to play, it really was a pew pew spec. When they removed scorch for all mages but fire and made the other changes in 5.2 I was pretty upset, and went back to frost.

Near the end of Cataclysm I went fire when my guild was progressing through Dragon Soul heroic, as fire was far better for Madness HC. I never really got to grips with fire, maths isn’t my strong point and fire was and still is just too gear dependant and too RNG for me. I also find it extremely cumbersome and clunky to play, I feel it lacks the fluidity of arcane and frost.

Frost doesn’t scale with gear as well as fire and arcane, however I feel that unless you’re in the top 1% of guilds doing the top 1% of damage, then frost is perfectly good to continue playing right through to 5.4. It is also great for levelling your mage, with its survivability and its target slowing frostbolt.

Pvp wise there is always always always qq about mages being op, every expansion, every patch, always. Mages are glass canons, but a well played mage can pretty much pwn any other class. By the same token, any other class played well can take down a mage if they know what they are doing. Now I pretty much suck at pvp though I do enjoy it. I back peddle, I click sometimes, I keyboard turn, but put me in a bg and the enemy always assumes that because I am a frost mage with decent gear that they must kill me immediately if not before, and I get jumped on by every player there. This has worked quite well as a diversionary tactic in the past however, muah ha ha ha!!!

 What else can a mage do?

On top of that, we can also magically conjure food out of nowhere for our raid members and friends, and those hungry players who holler at us in trade. But just remember, we are so much more than a vending machine!

We can teleport ourselves, or others, to distant parts of Azeroth, and beyond. Just make sure you use portal rather than teleport when asked to help a fellow player out. If I had a mana stone for every time I’ve teleported rather than conjured a portal I’d never be oom again!!

And, more importantly, we can now turn many critters into others kinds of critters for a full 24 hours!!!  Glyph of Crittermorph ftw!!!

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