Warlords and guild stuff.

Well Warlords of Draenor has been out for around 9-10 months now.

We have Hellfire Citadel raid which is THE final tier raid of this expansion.


So we have had 3 raids – Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, and Hellfire Citadel.

Our guild has really struggled. Not because we don’t have good players because we do. We just don’t have enough of them and enough of them who sign and show up week in week out. We always have to pug some players, though as an officer I try my damnedest to recruit.

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Pre WoD and those Character Models.

Love em or hate em, the new character models will be with us soon. Of course, if you hate them you can always turn the new models off, however, it seems a shame that some people would do that after all the time and effort that went in to creating them.

The thing is, most of them are really great (though I think female draenei faces look weird, and female night elves look just like female humans but with big pointy ears). What I didn’t like, and many others I believe, was that my character didn’t look like my character any longer. She didn’t look anything how I envisioned her to look, and I was disappointed that we weren’t going to get a free characterisation change as there are other faces that do look like how i wanted my character to look when I created her (them). For one thing, the new model makes her look Asian….

mage (3)

No-one thought we would get the chance to change how our characters’ look for free when the new models hit, as it’s a lucrative cash income for Blizzard.

So, imagine our delight when this was announced – “If you were concerned about the appearance changes making you want a new face, fear not! it’s now possible in the Barbershop for a small amount of gold!”

This news made my day, literally made me whoop and dance with glee. i could use those lovely new character models with the more realistic animations, and be able to get my characters looking as close to how i want them to as i can, for the small price of 32g! /cheer!!!


Well played Blizzard, well played!



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Warlords of Draenor

Well, now we know. Now we can start to get excited. Now we can farm gold and sell off our lingering profession materials. Now we can stop setting foot in Siege of Orgrimmar farming gear upgrades, when we know they will be replaced with greens very very soon.

13th November 2014 is THE date. Warlords of Draenor goes live. Another orc end boss. Yay………

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Anachronos and the guild.

lei shen

I’ve been in my guild <All Nuke Skull> on Anachronos for around 3 years. Well tomorrow it will be exactly 3 years. Happy Anniversary to meeeeeeeee!

It is only the 2nd guild my main (and the only one for all my alts on the server) have been in. The first guild I was in was ok, however the GM and his girlfriend were both mages, as am I, so the chances of me raiding were pretty slim, and my chances of actually getting phat lewtz even slimmer.

So when boyfriend at the time suggested I join his guild I applied and was invited. Pretty soon I was straight into ICC with them on Lich King 25 man, my first raid other than the Dalaran weekly raid quest and Vault of Archavon. Ah how I loved ICC, that place, that fight and that boss. The Lich King is still my all time favourite fight. I still get chills at his voice and the cinematic, and I still jump when we all die at the end, forgetting for a second that we haven’t actually wiped. Such a clever mechanic and design. No other fight comes close for me.

As I said I’ve been in my guild as a normal guildie for a while now. I’ve been a main raider, a second team raider, on the side-lines, and I’ve raid led once or twice. On the whole the people in my guild are a great bunch of people and we do have a right laugh smoetimes. Not sure they’d say the same for me though as I’m loud, often rude and can be out-spoken. But I have the good of the guild at heart and try to do what I believe is best for the guild as a whole, not just what’s best for my character.

Our guild is pretty quiet at the moment, as is the server, and because it is classed by Blizzard as medium population, we won’t be part of the realm connections/merges coming later on in the year. Which sucks. We were hoping for some fresh meat, new blood, moar peeps!!!!!  What will happen I believe is that more people will move server, as has already happened with quite a lot of players.  A dead, quiet realm doesn’t encourage people to log in and play if it feels like a single player game most of the time. And recruiting new members will be difficult/impossible with a quiet realm.  So Anachronos will end up as a low population realm and will then get connected/merged. But, will the guilds and their members wait that long?

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